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Hydraulic Tech

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diagram for fbss hydro kit using our switch cord 



fbcccc 2 pump









alex from hoppos teaching you how to repair

and replace seals on a delta dump


how to replace a worn out shaft seal (steel seal) on a pump head




the beautiful georjah jaymes teaches how

to assemble a hoppos pump



how to rebuild a hydraulic cylinder, ft: georjah jaymes

how to put together a complete hoppos hydraulic pump



this video will teach you the correct way to cut the front holes on a 58-64 impala


this video teaches you how to put together a fbss fitting kit on our hydraulic pumps


this viedo teaches you how to put together a (fbcc) front, back corner, corner fitting kit


this video shows you how to put lowrider hydraulic solenoids together




how to put a adel/adex back together 


"how to" assemble a piston pump



"How to install a bearing end cap"