59-64 Chevy B-Body 9-Inch Housing And Axle Package w/ Hoppo's Wishbone Bracket

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Currie 9-inch Housing and Axle Package for 1959 thru 1964 Impala, Biscayne, Bel Air, El Camino, and other GM B-body vehicles

DOES NOT COME W/ Third Member. Third Member Sold Separately

Comes in Raw Finish 

Included In Price:

  • Currie Centurion High-Strength 9-Inch Notchback Housing with Flush Drain Plug
  • Narrowed to 57 inch Width
  • Currie Performance 31-Spline Axles with OE Size Wheel Studs Installed
  • Tapered Axle Bearings Installed with Heavy-Duty Retainers
  • Hoppo's Signature Wishbone Center Bracket

Currie 9-inch Housing and Axle Packages for 1959 thru 1964 Impala, Biscayne, Bel Air, El Camino, Brookwood, Kingswood, Nomad, and Sedan Delivery, B-body vehicles with 3-link suspension, are built to match the vehicle's stock axle width, pinion offset, suspension mounting locations and wheel bolt pattern - for a straightforward hassle-free installation

Housing and Axle Packages require a 9-inch third-member assembly and compatible brake package to complete the rear end.

Requires assembly of components before installation

Narrowed option to accommodate vehicles running wheel skirts and reverse offset smaller diameter wheels


Included Standard Features

Currie Centurion   Currie Centurion Housing - Classic notchback looks in a new, high-strength, American-made housing that features 3-inch diameter axle tubes and CNC machined face flange for a flat leak-free seal - all joined together with strong, attractive welds
  Drain Plug - Located on the bottom center of the housing, this standard feature makes routine maintenance much easier - no more removing the brakes, axles, and the third member for a simple oil change.
Billet Housing Ends   Billet Housing Ends - Currie billet late model Ford Torino large bearing housing ends are CNC machined for accuracy and feature provisions for internal or external axle oil seals
Currie Performance Axles   Alloy Axles - Currie Performance 31-spline 1541 alloy axles feature vehicle correct bolt pattern and wheel studs - Tapered axle bearings shipped loose
  Bearing Retainers - Heavy-duty retainers assure positive bearing retention and full seal engagement for a long trouble and leak-free service life





Third Member - Currie housing and axle package requires a standard Ford 9-inch third member set up for 31-spline axles

Brake Lines - Hard brake lines are not included with Housing and Axle Packages. 

Aftermarket Brakes - Currie crate rear-end conforms to the ABCS (Aftermarket Brake Configuration Standard). This allows brake kits that use this standard to be easily changed or upgraded without modifying the housing or axles. ABCS brakes use a 2.5-inch brake space with late-model big-bearing Ford housing ends and a 2.80 center hole in the drum or rotor.

Wheel Studs - Currie crate rear-ends use standardized-shank Currie Enterprises wheel studs that allow the following wheel studs to be interchangeable in the axles without drilling: 12mm, 7/16, 1/2, and 1/2 x 3-inch competition

Narrowed Option - Narrowed option that is 3 inches overall narrower than stock width to accommodate vehicles running wheel well skirts, with installed smaller diameter reverse mount wheels typically found on Lowriders and Lowrods

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