Currie Ford 9-Inch Third Member Assembly (31-Spline) w/ Gear oil and Install Kit

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Currie 9-inch nodular iron third member set up for 31-spline axles.

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  • Currie Sportsman Nodular Iron Case with 3.062 Bore
  • Currie Nodular Iron Big Bearing (Daytona) Pinion Support
  • 3.00 Gear Ratio, TwinTrac and 1350 Pinion Yoke
  • Setup and Assembled by Skilled Professionals

A complete Currie 9-inch third member makes updating your street rod, muscle car, or truck easy with a new gear ratio or performance differential. All Currie built-to-order third members feature a new gear case, bearings, seals, solid pinion bearing spacer, and Daytona pinion support, with a choice of gear ratio, pinion yoke, and differential type.

Currie 9-inch third members are assembled by our in-house experts with decades of rear end setup and assembly experience so that you can trust the finished product.


Currie 9-inch Third Member Features


Sportsman nodular uron gear case   Gear Case - New Currie Sportsman 9-inch nodular iron gear case with 3.062 bore carrier bearings for 31-spline axles
Nodular Iron Big Bearing Pinion Support   Pinion Support - New nodular iron big-bearing pinion support
1350 Series Short Pinion Yoke   Pinion Yoke - 1350 series short nodular iron pinion yokes
9-inch master Bearing Kit   Master Bearing kit - New Timken master bearing kit with seals and solid pinion spacer
Assembly labor   Labor - Fully assembled and set up in-house by skilled professionals



9-inch Third Member Options


9-inch Ring and Pinion   Gear Ratio - 3.00 Gear Ratio Only. Currie uses only the highest quality Motive Gear Performance® series (Orange box) ring and pinion sets
9-inch Limited Slip   Differential  - Currie TwinTrac 31-spline helical gear limited slip



Differential Options Explained


Currie TwinTrac- Helical gear limited-slip type differentials (HGLSD). The HGLSD is the modern replacement for the classic clutch-style limited-slip. HGLSDs function like a standard or open differential, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary without the noise or stick-slip frequently experienced with clutch-style limited slip or automatic locking differentials. Under acceleration, if a wheel loses traction, the helical gears inside the differential automatically engage, transferring torque to both rear wheels. When the wheels regain traction, the HGLSD seamlessly transitions back to functioning as an open differential. Unlike the traditional clutch-type limited-slip, HGLSDs require no special oil additive or maintenance to replace worn and tired clutches. HGLSDs have no wearable parts, require no special oil additive or maintenance, and maintain their as-new functionality for life.



Lubrication Requirements - 9-inch rearends use a high-offset hypoid gear design that requires a severe duty 85w-140 gear oil with API GL-6 rating. Use of oil not meeting the GL-6 rating will damage the gears and bearings and void the Currie Warranty

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